Production services

We offer a wide range of music and video production services from initial conception to handing over complete final files for worldwide distribution. Some examples are below...

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Our team can provide fully orchestrated A3 scores for any size orchestra or ensemble of your specification, with individual parts in A4 format.

We are experienced in creating vibrant, professional scores for high-pressure film and television recording sessions, where time is often precious and musical clarity is of the utmost importance.

Please contact us to obtain a quote for orchestrating, arranging and/or engraving your project(s), and look below for additional services.

MIDI TRANSFER: Interpreting the original MIDI information that has been played or programmed into a sequencer by the composer, so that a more simplified file that is more easily comprehensible by notation software, such as Sibelius or Dorico, is produced.

ORCHESTRATION & ARRANGING: Arrangement and/or scoring of the music provided so as to create a score that will allow for a group of live musicians to fully realise the composer's musical intentions.

SCORE ENGRAVING: Optimising the layout, spacing, musical notation conventions, and many other factors of a score, so that musicians, producers, and editors looking at the page can read and understand the music as clearly as possible.

AUDIO editing

We have access to highly trained audio and music editors who are skilled in uncovering the best possible performance from multi-tracked, multi-mic'd and multiple-take performances.

Working predominantly in the industry standard software Pro Tools, our team are experienced in working with projects ranging from single track solo recordings, to those featuring many hundreds of tracks including full orchestra, overdubbed sections, electronics, virtual instruments and more.

Various members of our team can be hired to edit audio to your specification within Pro Tools HD & Native, Nuendo, Cubase, Logic and Pyramix. Please contact us to request a quote for the editing of your project(s).


recording & PRODUCTION

Working closely with some of the top session musicians in the world, we record in renowned studios here in the UK, as well as regularly abroad. We have a close  relationship with musicians in Budapest, Hungary, and can fix an orchestra or ensemble suitable for any size project, and within any budgetary restrictions.

We are skilled at engineering and producing commercial recording sessions for feature films, television shows, and production music labels, as well as having extensive and wide ranging contacts in the music industry working in high-profile settings such as Abbey Road, Air Lyndhurst, and Pinewood Studios. We also have strong links with the prestigious Tonmeister course, at the University of Surrey.

In addition to working in professional recording environments members of our team can be hired for pre-production preparation roles including track-laying, Pro Tools session creation, setting up pre-record stemsdemo programming and more. Please contact us to discuss your project's recording & production needs, and to request a quote.

Maestro Music UK can manage the entire recording and production process from the start of your project, to its conclusion, so you can be confident that your music will sound the very best that it can.

MORE Production Services

Session Conducting

Music / Score Consulting

Transcribing / Takedowns

Television / Film Scoring



Library 'Cutdown' (60/30) Creation

Demo Programming


Dubbing to Picture

Session Producing

Video Production


Supplementary to the production services listed above we also utilise macro scripting software - such as Autohotkey and Keyboard Maestro in both Windows & Mac operating systems - on a daily basis to increase MMUK's efficiency. Members of our team are more than happy to code individualised time-saving scripts in almost any DAW or software platform to fit your unique setup and workflow. Please contact us below to find out more about how we can increase the productivity of your day-to-day working.